Our Unique "Little Sister" Pledge

At Eclipse Ford we pride ourselves on giving priority to customer needs and this is best expressed through our unique “Little Sister” pledge…

“If you would not recommend it to your Little Sister… …don’t recommend it to our customers”

We welcome all feedback

In the hectic, high pressure environment of the Motor Industry we recognise the potential for misunderstandings and errors and thus, most of our key people are trained and authorised to solve customer concerns promptly.

We cannot totally guarantee our processes or workmanship on every day but we can guarantee a positive response to any concern raised. That is why we welcome and reward customer feedback. Please feel free to talk to our Customer Relationship Manager or the relevant Department Manager if you have even a minor concern or wish to comment constructively.

Everyone at Eclipse Ford takes great delight in the regular accolades from customers that are communicated by letter, phone, email and in person. These, and the many positive comments included in Ford survey responses are very much appreciated by us all.

To comment on our performance Contact us at any time Click Here to Email the CRM Manager.